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Choices: Stories You Play Hack No Survey 2017

If you are reading this, then you love playing the game and would surely want to have choices stories you play hack no survey. In fact, this is one of the best games that have been produced past few years. It became very popular soon after it was released, so today it’s very popular.

In this app determine players with their playes as the story evolves. From the hot flirtation through uncanny encounters to captivating fantasy adventures, there is the right narrative for every taste.

Every week new stories

Who does not want to look idly at the reading of heartbreaking love-Romans, as poor innocence from the country goes without will into the arms of the cold-blooded, but handsome millionaire, who instead reads the thriller as the threatened soul storms the staircase upwards, rather the door , Or who would instead listen to the droll-looking troll rather listen to his instinct, who should grab this application. Here, players determine the action of romance, crime, or fantasy. Any decision that is made affects the course of the game – or rather the story.

And there are already a lot of them already published in the most popular genres:
Once a book has been chosen, a suitable avatar can be chosen and the name of this character can be set. And then the adventure starts. Each story spins on the basis of the individual decisions and leads either to the tragedy or to the happy ending. All stories are told in the comic style and are lovingly illustrated.

Each week new content

Players of the app can look forward to regular sequels to their favorite story or to new stories and characters. Pixelberry Studios provides timely replenishment for all users of the game. Some of the content is completely free to play. For others, it must be loosened. And they are unfortunately not available in the game, so you have to be purchased via in-app purchase. Thus, certain decisions within the story are paid for. As a second in-game currency, there are keys that can be purchased for around 20 cents and also needed for certain content. Whoever wants to know how to proceed, is asked to pay, we solve that problem!

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Choices: Stories You Play Hack Tool

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