choices stories you play mystery part review

Choices Stories You Play – Mystery Part

Let’s Continue our review of this little and beautiful game. So today we are going to cover about one of the most interesting parts of this game – Mystery. As you already know this game has three different parts and whole developer team behind this game is going to developed few additional stories to improve this version.


Lots of players say that mystery part is very interesting because here you can solve lots of crimes and understand how the killers act while setting killing plan or how to do their mind work. As we already know there are three characters and you can choose the right one for you – never forget the motto of this game : one choice can change everything.


You can solve one of the most interesting crimes in the game. For example, you have to solve the mystery which happened in your city – one very famous person disappeared, and no one knows where he is. So here you have to make sure that you can do your best and find a disappeared man. In fact, you will need a partner or just another person with which you can fight with crime and find out the truth which is not always satisfying.


You can also solve another mystery – someone killed the millionaire, and you have to find who did this. You can start with talking to family members who may know lots of information about the victim, about victim’s business and business plan, or just about his rivals who may want him to be killed.

So you have to choose the right character for you and start your work. You will have to find lots of mysteries, and then you have to solve them. Stories above are just the little part of this game; you will have tens of unsolved problems and make sure that you have enough knowledge and power to solve all of them!