review game choices stories you play

Choices stories you play review

We have to talk about the game called – choices: stories you play. So we have to cover all the books and parts of the game.

The game is very beautiful. It has the unique and creative idea, to connect with different stories and live the life you always wanted. In fact, the developer team is a very hard-working team because they gave us three parts for the first step and they are going to add different parts soon.

Today we have three different parts and books. So you have to choose the right part and character before you start playing. There are three different books, and it’s on you to choose the one you want to play more than anything.

Freshman Book

This is the most lovely part for people who are truly romantic. So in this story, you are going to university, and you have to choose the right friend, the date the right girls/boys. There you will meet three different characters – James who is very bookish, always studying and if you want to find him, he is in the library. You can meet Kaitlyn – the party girl who loves partying and having a good time. She thinks that student life is all about having lots of new friends and having a good time. You can also meet with Chris who is football guy and very interested in different types of sports.

The Crown And The Flame

Here you have to build your empire and fight with all the rivals and enemies who are going to have lots of fighters, and they want your kingdom to destruct. So you have to choose the right characters and strategy to build one of the biggest empires ever and be the best monarch, Period.

Most Wanted

Here you have to be a detective, and you have to solve lots of mysteries stories. You will have to run after few killers, and you must stop him before he claimed his new victim.